Lobby Lobster is a prophet – or at least he thinks he is. In Thus Spake Lobsterthustra, the lobster goes on a journey full of quirky weirdness and recounts his observations in a Joycean manner. Pictures, prose, and poetry intermingle in such a way that they achieve to convey both: the beauty of a passionate lobster fighting for a good cause as well as the horrors of cruelty against animals. If not a prophetic lobster, who else could possibly crusade against speciesism and bring together man and mouflon alike at the dining table?

Videogames allow us to immerse ourselves in worlds that are reflective of cultural phenomena. At the same time, games are in a process of occupying and utilizing the real world as a part of the game. The book provides a combination of theoretical and practical approaches to mixed reality through the lenses of game studies and pedagogy. These novel approaches invite the reader to rethink their conceptions of games and mixed reality. They are complemented with classical analyses of games and applications in educational contexts. In uniting theory and hands-on approaches, the book provides a broad spectrum that facilitates and inspires interdisciplinary thinking and work.


In this section, you can find various poems I have written over the last 15+ years. I have a tendency to cover the gloomy, philosophical, or romantic topics most of the time. […]

Essays and Academic Writing

The status of videogames as art is questionable because of them being mass-produced and nothing but mere commodities. This essay proves otherwise.

Minecraft, as a collaborative game, can serve to bridge gaps between groups that are, under normal circumstances, unwilling to cooperate.

Games, as systems, provide us with data that we as a player contribute to. The visualisation thereof may have an effect on our acting in the game. The game can normalise us.

Games are a playground for (re)negotiating ethics. To what degree can players act as moral beings in a (partially) predetermined environment?

Games convey ethical frameworks. How do extrinsic and intrinsic motivation into play here? How do they change our ethical perspective and possibilities?

Games change over time due to patches and updates. How does this affect the player base? Does it change their behaviour? 

There is not just one way to play a game. What motivates players to play and in what way do they play?