Here is a collection of games I have created alone or in cooperation with others. Games are available on my page:

Misfit Buddies

A Twine game with multiple branching paths. The game was created in a seminar on Gender Studies. You can follow three individuals through their daily life and struggles, in relation to mental issues, sexuality, and disability:

Will they be able to meet each other at the end of the day or will personal issues become too overwhelming for them to function.

Authors: Emir Bektic, Danial Adams, and Florian Kelle

The Perks of Being a Seahorse

This game was created in a seminar on Gender Studies. It was an exercise to reflect on the issues of stereotypes in connection to motherhood:

While mum sits at home and takes care of the children, dad, the breadwinner of the family goes to work daily. This misconception still looms over many families and organisational structures attached to that. In the process, certain stereotypes are attached to men and women.

What if we turned the stereotypes on their head? Enter: The Seahorses.

Author: Florian Kelle

Tickl's Backdoor Rave Party

The game was created at the 2nd KLagenfurt Winter Game Jam in 2018.

Welcome to Tickl’s! The hottest nightclub in the metropolitan area. Get out and show off your moves at the Xmas Rave, but be sure to mind your manners and don’t run into any people or knock over any boxes!

Authors: Daniel Adams, Alexander Kefallonitis, Thomas Rizzolli, Emir Bektic, Anisa Vilic, Florian Kelle

Cameo: Simon Bernhard