I went to India some years ago

Was pretty hot

And sticky

Some places even smell worse than my



We did some of that tourist shit

Visited a sanctuary

And there’s monkeys all over the parking lot

Having a good one

I guess you gotta be a monkey to do that

I know that kind of scene but usually it’s


and instead of monkeys there’s


I guess we’re all monkeys


So, one of those monkeys seems to be done

Steps back and realizes there’s a buffet

Pouring out before him

So he digs right in

Recycling and natural selection

In that sense

I guess we’re all monkeys


And inside the sanctuary

Even more monkeys

Some looked sick and leprous


To quote Sir Aldingar

And guess what


Like in the lot

Just worse

Like dumping a

Hand grenade

Into a flock of Gibbons

All over the bloody place


I learned a lot that day

We’re all monkey

And we all eat shit

’cause we like to recycle

And be eclectic

Monkey buffets

For instance

’cause we’re all monkeys


If I don’t perfectly
Define myself
I feel like I am
Losing my self

And you’re the winter I love
So cold
Moony me
I love the taste of snow

Take the snow
With a pinch of salt
Snowflakes would melt
And I would lose
My self

Ever so careful
Preserving ideals
Moony self
Eluded from starry
Summer nights

Moony self
Oblivious to forked tongues
Loving the taste of snow
So cold

David Bowie

Oh the irony!
As I stand in
My ivory tower.
Weeping deep in my own sorrow
And enthralled by collective

Oh the irony!
What god can willfully impose
The unbearable sadness
Upon this brittle lamb?

Oh the irony!
And yonder I see them
Children of Africa.
Not a care in the world.
Pulling tapeworms out of each other’s behinds.
Like a closed ecological system.

Oh the irony!
And they point at me!
Bellies bloated from laughter.
Understand they not
The reality
Of my sorrow?

Oh the irony!
Of standing in my ivory tower!
So much to care for in the world.
And lachrymal lightning bolts shoot over my face.

Me and My Love

I’d love to resolve
I’d love to reciprocate
Lest I reignite and

The biggest fire
Burning in my throat
Scorching everything
That I’d love to love

But never will I

Be understood
Be loved
Be lived
For as long as they leave me burning

Answers out of question

If there were a way
To make them understand
To make them see

I’d walk along

But they won’t
As I seem to break legs
Before I make them learn to walk
My way


Hey you
I’ve been thinking…
Yeah I know, I always do
But for a change I’d love to share with you
The feelings that I feel when I think about you

What if I bought you flowers
Would you promise me to take good care
While I’m gone?
Place them on your window and smile
Yours to water, as I may be gone too soon
Hard to get along with
So flowers may seem better company

I’d love to see them grow
But the water under this bridge
Is taking me along
We’ve always been bad swimmers
And I suppose I will simply drown

I could hold your hand
Walking into the sunset
But no..
My hand is way too rough to be held

I’d love to

I just don’t seem to get any closer to you
I’m afraid I might never get through to you
Your whereabouts unknown
Thoughts in my head drone

I’d love to get this a little closer
I’m afraid I might never get closer
Getting in your head
Works only while I’m lying in bed

Have I lost you?
Had I been unloved?
I’d love to break through
Not able making heads or tails of being loved

Give me a sign
Drop me a line
Am I with you?
Are you with me?
Just where about are you?

I’d love to hear from you again
I’m here
Take a seat
Grab a chair
Make yourself at home
Because you can