Florian Kelle

I am Florian Kelle – Chef, academic, author, poet, and artist. I do many things, but especially I love creating and analyzing any kind of cultural artifact. On this website, I invite you to explore my inner workings through a selection of their (im)material manifestations thereof. In a sense, this page also doubles as a portfolio that showcases how I work professionally and creatively in academia and in my free time.

Lobby Lobster – also known as H. G. Lobster – is the co-author of my first illustrated short story as well as my alter ego. Lobby may be small and have a minted pea for a brain but he also adorable and loves herring heads.

Recent Writing
And Thus Spake Lobsterthustra
Mixed Reality and Games

I am currently writing my master’s thesis – Speculative Objects and Where to Find Them: A Ludo-Ontological Approach to Archaeogaming and Digital Artifacts. My thesis establishes a fresh approach to the nature of digital artifacts in general, and videogames in particular as playful artifact. Whereas the field of archaeogaming is working towards approaches to videogames from an archaeological perspective, the approaches lack a phenomenological lens that incorporates the playful nature of games. I combine object-oriented ontology, play theory, material culture studies, and phenomenology to situate the notion of play and playfulness at the heart of digital artifacts as a means to explain how games come to be and how they are used in culture and society.

Alongside the actual thesis, a narrative game about object-relations will be crafted – physically and digitally.